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The Accuvant Corporate Blog shares thoughts on and insight into current trends and high-level issues facing today’s technology and information security executives and directors. Topics include security policy and program development, compliance strategies, and vertical-specific trends, among others.

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The Accuvant LABS Blog offers a more in-depth look into the daily challenges that information security professionals manage every day and recommendations on how to address them. Topics include new research, malware samples, comprehensive analysis, as well as mitigation tools and techniques.

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Drawing Parallels Between Non- IT and Security Engineering Principles (Part 1 of 2)

Posted on 04.15.2014

I always look for interesting parallels between things we have learned or practiced in other industries and how they can be applied to the security discipline. Recreating the wheel is not always needed; sometimes we just need to know how the wheel was modified for other uses and if those modifications work for us too. […]

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Latest RawTech Blog

Building a Nexus 4 UART Debug Cable

Posted on 05.29.2013

Updated on 05/31/2013 to be a little bit safer. With Android devices, UART debug cables allow developers to view low level debugging information on the phone. Access to boot loader and console output allows debugging the kernel and user-space programs in real time. Further, interactive kernel debugging can be accomplished by building a custom debug […]

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